15 Things You DID NOT Know About the Diamond Casino DLC in GTA Online

15 Things You DID NOT Know About the Diamond Casino Update in GTA Online

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  1. another thing, im here for facts, i dont need a story with every tip you have, if your entire fan-base loves this about your vids then pls ignore me but you explain everything you say at a minimum 2 times, which makes watching this vid more like a chore than something id want to do.

  2. Thank you so much for this upload, I needed this so much my guy would not walk fast in the Casino. I consulted the game manual and even looked at the controller scheme and still was stumped. I called rockstar tech services and asked them about the problem and they couldn't even figure out. BUT you sir had the genius idea to hit the Sprint button. My God I was so excited I never would have guessed in all my years of playing gta5 from PS3 to PS4 to hit the run button. I didn't even know it existed i always assumed rolling around was the most efficient way

  3. The biggest problem with this DLC remains to be the absolute stupidity of the new passive mode.
    All of the most valuable and useful vehicles for getting around the map are now ruined unless you like constantly worrying about the potential of being griefed.

  4. Rockstar put that in to regulate the casino coins so people do not develop a gambling Addiction.
    There are some regions where you cannot even gamble I don’t know what rockstar did in those regions. I also heard here in the United States you can actually use our cards to buy coins from my understanding there’s three gambling regions that GTA followed

  5. Not true about winning the car, when you win the car it gives you the option to put it straight into your garage of your choosing of what properties you own. By putting it into your garage it automatically installs insurance and a tracker. You cannot drive the car as soon as you win it apart from calling your mechanic to have it delivered from your garage to whichever destination you in within the game world.

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