All about Video Poker with casino gambling expert Michael "Wizard of Odds" Shackleford

Learn how to play video poker like a professional player – – In this video Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, interviews gaming expert Michael “Wizard of Odds” Shackleford about the game of video poker.

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  1. We should also point out that professional video poker players receive a lot less scrutiny from casinos than card counters. You can play anonymously and nobody in surveillance will notice your strategy.

  2. Why isn't every machine clearly labeled with the payout % instead of just a pay table? It looks like a person has to have a set of strategy cards with them to find the exact game/pay table and then look for the % on the card.

  3. No one can even define 'professional video poker player.' Why don't you define what a 'progressive' machine is for those who don't know? And you don't earn a living by getting free stuff if the stuff isn't room and board, 365 days a year. I suppose you could wear your comped polo shirt while sleeping on your comped beach towel on the sidewalk until security comes out and makes you move to tent city to hang out with the homeless and scrounge for your next meal cause you can't possibly play enough coins to get a year-round hotel room and restaurant pass.

  4. How did you arrive at 'one extra coin every 100 bets' mentioned at 1:45, just because one machine pays an extra coin for a full house? No one is guaranteed a full house every 100 bets are they?

  5. Here in Connecticut the Mohegan Sun Casino does not offer any benefits for playing 9/6 jacks or better. However, the 8/5 game next to it does. Be careful, the signs are very small and dark if you are playing them.

  6. I prefer the 5 of a kind triple play progressive jackpot machines as opposed to the royal flush jackpot. And if you're dealt 4 aces and the joker, the minimum jackpot for max credits is $50,000 and progressive from there. And a straight or royal flush pay 500 credits, while the 5 of a kind pay 4,000 credits. There's 13 ways to get 5 of a kind but only 4 ways to get a royal flush. And I hit the 5 of a kind often. Bob Dancer's instructional CD explains all the strategy of that game as well as other games.

  7. Sir, is it possible to "grind" Jacks or Better a few hours a day for a part-time income supplement (w/ proper bankroll management / allocated budgets)?  Looking for something less stressful than Hold Em as a counter-balance.  Thank-you.  Excellent channel with eye-opening information, sir.

  8. If there are winning video poker players, and if casinos are giving them enough free "comps" so that they can make a living off it, why are the casinos even doing that? Is it because there are enough uneducated people that play for fun and without proper tactics? Do their payoff to the casino make up for those the casino "pay" with comps?

  9. What can a professional video poker player make in a week/month/year? How long do they play for per-week/day? Just a ruff estimated? Ohio, just opened four casino's. Thank God.

    Excellent videos. Thank you.

  10. wow am actually going to start trying video poker games, always see people playing them but now I have a somewhat good idea on what to do, and going to try it when I go to Vegas next month.

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